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Getting your website noticed on google can be a tricky concept, but with the right tools you can get yourself a head start on the competition. With their SEO Bedford services helping all the local businesses in the Bedford area, SEO Moves offer a great SEO package service to suit any business format. They are true experts in getting all manner of businesses ranking higher on Google, and their proven track record is an impressive testimonial to their success.
Business web design

Creating a Great Business Website

Building a fantastic website for your clients and potential customers to use should always be a high priority for businesses, as it often offers the quickest and easiest doorway for buyers to flock to your business. Choosing a good web designer will help you to develop your own custom website design and enable you to create a unique and interesting site. It is crucial to develop a site which appeals both visually and functionally to your clients so they will return and buy again and again...

What Is Digital Marketing, and How Can I Use It?

Digital marketing basically covers a whole range of marketing strategies using the internet as the main source of leads.  There are a number of different marketing strands in the digital….

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Choosing a Good Web Design or SEO Agency

When it comes to choosing an agency to work with your business, be that web design or SEO (or any other agency really!), there are a range of things you….

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Making Your Site Look It’s Best For Your Audience

Having a website is a great way to introduce people to your brand, your products and your services.  It is important that your site accurately represents your brand in the….

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Getting Your Website Seen Online

If you are the business website owner, you will likely want your site to be seen by potential customers, and your target audience all over the world.  One way of….

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New Year Trends in Website Design for 2017

Web design is a field which is constantly changing and adapting.  Here are our predictions for trends which we think will grow over the coming year. losing the large slider….

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SEO – What is It and Why Is It Important?

SEO is a phrase you might have heard a lot if you have your own business website.  It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and is a key method of digital….

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Web Design for Your E-Commerce Site

So you have a website which you want to sell your products or services through?  Great!  Let us look at the options for creating a thriving online shop. First, you….

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Why Social Media is So Important for Small Businesses

The role of social media is a powerful one these days – more than 1 billion users are registered to Facebook alone, meaning that there is a vast audience for….

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How to Gain More Facebook Followers

If you have a business page on Facebook, you might like to know how to get more people to like your page (and then get you more likes!).  Here’s our….

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What Things Should I Avoid on My Website?

If you have a business website, you may or may not be aware what things really turn people off when they visit.  It may look fab to you, but you….

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